What makes CMS Bazar your choice


Our offers are based on free software Content Management Systems backed by great developers teams. All CMS systems have proven their excellence by being in the business for 10+ years. We help you to choose the most suitable solution to your needs.

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Best Services

Our customers' favorite services are these
but this is far from what we offer


CMS Hosting

Select from a very limited set of excellent free software CMS systems - only the best are in our cataloge.


Easy editing

Our offers include drag&drop editing and WYSIWYG templates for the easiest grow of your web presence.


Domain Registration

Every website will need a domain name. We connect you with the best domain registrars in your area.


VPS Backed

Our VPSes are hosted near to your website's audience. This provides the best performance.


E-mail Hosting

Every company must use their brand name for e-mails, no free providers. We host e-mail at reliable third parties, well known e-mail providers.


Friendly support

There are no stuid answers from our support team. We are not telling you to try and try again, we will help you do to what you need to do.

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Why you should care

We don't have unsatisfied customers (they left us). Everybody else are happy, because we provide good service.


Powerful Features

Your website will be equipped with all the modern look and feel of today's trending websites, still having great features that are usable. All in an easy to edit form.


Totaly Optimised

Search engines will love your website. We are running multiple SEO tools on every website and provide recommendations. Included in all packages.


Worldwide Support

Our support team will answer all enquiries within 24 hours (except on weekends). Every package contains one hour editing help on your website per month.